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JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar

August 22, 2024

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Global Pharma Logistics Summit 2024

What causes temperature excursion, lack of visibility, non-compliance, security breach, wastage, high freight costs and unsustainable practices in pharmaceutical logistics? Is it poor or no implementation technology? Is it inadequate infrastructure? Is it the absence of collaboration among stakeholders? Or is it poor awareness among logistics professionals?

While all of these factors can have a negative impact, at the bottom of the intricate supply chain of pharma lies the need for logistics companies and representatives to take responsibility for the sensitive goods they move. Thus, building a sense of ownership and leading by example are the focus of GPLS 2024.



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Business Session 1

How far do logistics companies take responsibility for the safety of pharmaceuticals they move?

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India exported drugs and pharmaceuticals worth $28 billion in FY2023-24, an increase of 10 percent from the previous financial year, according to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

In FY23-24, Indian pharmaceutical exports also expanded their global footprint to countries like Montenegro, South Sudan, Chad, Comoros, Brunei, Latvia, Ireland, Sweden, Haiti, and Ethiopia while the top markets for Indian pharma exports were the US, the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Brazil.

However, there were also cases of Indian pharmaceutical companies coming under international scrutiny for exporting adulterated drugs and manufacturing defects. Drugs getting affected due to temperature excursions and logistics handling issues are also not rare. Thus we are pursuing the question of how far logistics companies take responsibility and how to build the ownership culture.

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Business Session 2

How much can logistics contribute to helping Indian pharma deliver affordable medicine to the world?

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The supply chain that supports the exports of Indian pharmaceuticals to the world is met with several disruptions including long transit times at sea due to Houthi attacks in the Red Sea and high freight rates on air due to the shift from ocean.

Meanwhile, there is increasing demand for Indian pharmaceuticals across the world.

For instance, the United States of America, which accounted for over 31 percent of India’s pharma exports in FY23-24, has recently reported historically high drug shortages. An April 30, 2024 analysis from IIFL Securities pointed out that export-focused Indian generic companies are likely to benefit from the situation of drug shortage in the US.

It is imperative to explore the role of supply chains in delivering affordable medicines fast. Thus we raise the question of whether logistics companies are doing enough.

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Business Session 3

How prepared are the logistics service providers to handle the pharma movements of the future?

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The global pharma industry also has new kinds of products and solutions emerging which will require new logistics offerings. For instance, according to reports, India is becoming an attractive destination for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical sector which will require very specialised logistics solutions.

We are also witnessing the introduction of biologics and biosimilars, cell and gene therapies, mRNA vaccines, precision medicines and radiopharmaceuticals. Most of them require rigorous monitoring of storage conditions including temperature control, specialised packaging and protection from light, stress, vibration and radiation. Are we prepared? What technology or logistics infrastructure can support these innovations?

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Business Session 4

What is the role of leaders in developing talents with a sense of responsibility in modern pharma supply chains?

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Movements of pharmaceutical goods are subject to very specific quality standards to ensure the efficacy of medicines and the safety of patients. Each batch of pharmaceuticals is released by a quality manager ensuring compliance with regulations. And he/she is responsible for the quality of medicines in those batches. Once it leaves the manufacturing site and on its journey towards the patient, it goes through several hands.

What is the level of skill gap in Indian pharma logistics? What is the level of ownership exhibited by the logistics workforce in each touch point? To what extent supply chain leaders can play a role in infusing a sense of responsibility among their workforce? How can logistics professionals ensure that their supply chain remains agile during disruptions?

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