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Francis Murumbi
Francis Murumbi
GM Operations & Sustainability Specialist
Agriscope Africa
Okisegere Ojepat
Okisegere Ojepat
Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya
Hosea Machuki
Hosea Machuki
Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya
Rainer Wittenfeld
Rainer Wittenfeld
Managing Director
Perishable Center Frankfurt
Philliph Mutooni
Avocado Exporters Association of Kenya
Frederic Brun
Head of Commercial Cargo & Logistics
Liege Airport
Ostend–Bruges International Airport (OST)
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Future of perishable logistics – sustainable, digital and commercially viable

0930 to 0945 hrs


0945 to 1015 hrs

Keynote: Hosea Machuki, CEO, Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK)


Keynote Presentation: Kenya Airports Authority (KAA)


1015 to 1115 hrs

Panel – 1

Subject: How good is Africa’s logistics infrastructure for perishable commodity exports and distribution?

1115 to 1145 hrs

Coffee Break

1145 to 1215 hrs

Presentation: Perishable Center Frankfurt

1215 to 1315 hrs

Panel – 2

Subject: Digital dynamics of perishable logistics – From track & trace to product integrity

1315 to 1415 hrs

Lunch Break

1415 to 1445 hrs

One to one interview

Okisegere Ojepat, Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya (FPCK)

1445 to 1545 hrs

Panel – 3

Subject: Future proofing perishable logistics through cold chain and packaging innovations.

1545 to 1615 hrs

Coffee Break

1615 to 1715 hrs

Panel – 4

Subject: How to build a sustainable logistics solution for perishable commodities?

1715 to 1730 hrs

Closing remarks

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Logistics Update Africa (LUA) is a bi-monthly magazine that brings the most credible news, views and stories of and from Africa about the continent’s evolving transport and logistics industries.

LUA is one of the three publications from STAT Media Group, the earliest business to business trade publication in transport and logistics in the world. LUA gives an insight of the untapped potential of Africa’s economy and its unexplored and emerging markets that are eventually opening to the world.

LUA has a circulation of 13,000 copies and readership of close to 41,000 industry professionals from air cargo, sea freight, rail & road transport industries within Africa and Europe. LUA is available online at and it is updated regularly with the latest transport and logistics news from around the world.


Emara Ole-Sereni

Emara Ole-Sereni,
18187, Nairobi, Kenya

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